To today’s mattress flytipper on Horniman Drive


Well done you total idiot, we have at least four cameras trained on where you in your little silver van flytipped your mattress and baby gate today at 4.45 p.m. on Horniman Drive at the junction with Honor Oak Road! I also took a great video of you slipping away, you, your van, and your reg number, you weasel. Sleep tight. All the authorities have been informed, they are currently looking for you, it will not be long until they collar you. See you next Tuesday!! Oh, and anyone else looking to do the same thing, you have been warned!


Show us the pics!


Agreed, name and shame!


Maybe it’s just me but I find the original post a bit childish to be honest, happy it’s been reported but the rant is a bit over the top


Fly tippers must be on a break from Shifford Path, oh no sorry they have just deposited some more trash.


Is the “childish” jibe got anything to do with the fact that a babygate was also dumped?


I tend to tweet these kind of things, and seems to get removed asap.


No, fly tippers need shooting.


That’s cracked me up! Good work that man.


BTW, you pay for the cleanup!


I understand the sentiment entirely.

I lived in a dead end street for a few years and every week something got dumped - sometimes whole lorry loads of rubbish was dumped outside my house. I got to know the council people really well - we were like old chums after a while.

I was so frustrating and as no one did anything about it (this was ages ago and cams were expensive and rare) it went on for ages. Then it just stopped and eventually I made the excellent decision to move to FH but it was so nice to step outside the house and not be surrounded by rubbish…


Getting cross about street mattresses is so ‘last year’. The cognoscenti consider them to be a kind of performance art that we should celebrate rather than condemn.

I suggest that our poster should not selfishly keep his video to himself and the various enforcement agencies, but should instead consider uploading it on for the appreciation and edification of art lovers everywhere.


You must’ve missed the mattress dumped outside 154 blocking the pavement a couple of days ago! Did seem to get cleared pronto fortunately.


The deserter twitter also shows an appreciation of street art

This work below I find particularly fascinating and it is wonderful commentary on today’s post modern er… something.


Nothing beats celebrity endorsement.


I am thoroughly enjoying the turn this thread has taken.


People used to dedicate roadside benches for the weary, seems like a mattress is a logical progression on Shifford Path they recently removed 4 mattresses and a bedside cabinet.
Could you have wi fi and a charging point like the one in Lewisham?