Tool theft on Codrington Hill



Hi all.
So another van has been done over…ie mine. On Codrington hill Honor Oak.
Ts55 track saw, mini extractor festool. 2 palm routers, along with various other hand tools in 3 black systainers, 2 green metobo systainers. A dewalt compressor. All insured but a pain to get it all again.
Footage taken by neighbour

Keep eyes peeled


Gutted for you :confused:


This one of the most despicable forms of theft - to rob a person of their trade tools.

I do hope the Registration Number is not cloned and the police can follow this up and you get your tools returned.


I can only assume the car is stolen or false plates are being used. Otherwise should be a very easy job for the police to track them down.


As a fellow tradesman you have my deepest of sympathies.


Gutted to hear your tools being stolen, been there a few years ago.
Hopefully it’s not a cloned plate and it’s the real owner that did this.


Nivag - can you share the app name that provided this data ?


It’s called Total Car Check. You’ll need to register a free account to access the basic checks I posted.


Works as advertised - thank you.


Did the police arrest anyone for this ? Looks like a smoking gun to me - car not reported stolen, boot full of Festool etc ? This kind of crime needs to be taken more seriously surely - the track saw alone is about 500 quid and I can’t see any reason why the thieving scum shouldn’t be found given the clear evidence from the CCTV . At very least the car should be confiscated. Sorry to hear this .


It could have been a cloned plate.


Ive had very little from the police. That seems to be the general consensus from what Ive found out. Just a crime number, a call from a community officer.
Pretty much it.


A gentle push to the police usually helps. Don’t give up.