Topic shading on the Politicos category?

Whats with the shading on the Politicos topics on the main topic list, and can I turn it off?

Seems odd to have it applied to one category alone, and I find it gives too much emphasis to the Politocs category over other posts (as a personal preference, I tend to prefer a cleaner / uncluttered look).

Hi @armadillo - I tried it on a couple of opt-in categories as I felt it helped highlight those extra posts that people had specifically chosen to see (by opting in to groups). Also adds a touch of subtle colour to the site, but not as overwhelming as colouring every category.

I can remove the group colouring if people prefer.

  • :thumbsdown: Remove colouring
  • :thumbsup: Keep colouring
  • :expressionless: Don’t mind either way
  • :thinking: I have a better idea (please comment)

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Hmm… might be okay for other categories that are less frequently posted to, but Politicos already tends to dominate the forum for those how are Opted In… adding the colour starts to make feel a bit like a political forum with a side line in community as opposed to the other way round :frowning:

We’ve had a very busy few days in Politicos, true!

But people are free to leave Politicos if they prefer just the community topics.

To leave or join groups, use this page

Its a shame, I like to dabble in the Politicos category, but not at the expense of eclipsing the community aspect - which is what bought me here in the first place.

I have “muted” the Politicos category so the topics don’t show up in the feed(I can still actively go in and look/contribute).The best decision of my recent life… also helps my blood pressure.


What an excellent idea. Quite like I muted email notifications at work. Vast improvement to my life.

Agreed, I had completely forgotten about that feature - I shall go and enable it now! Thanks :slight_smile:

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