Topps Tiles to close / new gym to open

Walking past today, Topps Tiles on the Stanstead Sunderland Chicane had notices that they were closing down. Sad to see this useful shop leaving the area.

On the flip side, they’ve also written everything must go so if you’re planning some home renovations, there is an opportunity to get some good deals.


There’s another branch down at Bell Green, in the Trade City part, past B&Q. Easier for parking.


No kidding. The only way out of their off street parking is reversing onto the Circular after a blind corner. Always entertaining.

I wonder who will pick up the space?


I’m holding out for Waitrose.


Haha or marks n sparks


Time for a new “what does Forest Hill want?” poll?


How about a family Mexican restaurant?


+1 for the Mexican!

I heard that Fortnum and Mason were considering it for a South London site.


Not easier if you don’t have a car to park though!

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Officially closed, but it’s being gutted. Anyone know if it’s being turned into something?

It would be a good spot for a gym I reckon.

Lots of work going on here. All being replastered. Any ideas? I agree - a gym would be ideal.

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A gymn not so good on the road pollution front though!. But be good to have some life in the building again.

It’s still on Hindwood’s website and doesn’t say “under offer” or similar. But they may not have updated the site.

I walked past it yesterday. There’s definitely work going on. And only one of the Hindwood signs are up. The others were lying on the floor. They could just be doing some work to get it ready for sale/lease, though. But that’s only a guess. Suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

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For the gym fans here*, I think I saw signs that a new gym is going into the old Somerfield supermarket site in Sydenham.

*Definitely does not include me :wink:

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Apparently it’s going to be this place XCELERATE GYM Forest Hill - Health, Fitness and Wellbeing


Aha, nicely spotted, @ET6123.

Can anyone find whether change of use has been applied for? This gym has a website now with good rates but I’m reluctant to sign up after the MoreYoga debacle.

Change of use wouldn’t be required under new legislation whereby the existing use (A1) now comes under the umberella of E, which covers gyms.

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