Tortoise found on Woolstone Rd



If anyone has lost one please call 07813950297


Surprised no one has frantically been looking for this poor thing. I hope the owners are reunited soon. Can’t imagine it being dumped.
Have you tweeted this too Pauline?


I want it as my pet if no one wants it, so will have a good home :slight_smile:


That’s just mean


It’s not, I want it reunited with it’s family but if not I will look after it :heart:


Lol let you off


Ta mate, I want it with it’s family, but if no one wants it I’ll happily have it & look after it :slight_smile:


I looked into getting a tortoise - they are a bit more work than you might think and I found out the best place to hibernate for them is your fridge (well any fridge!). EDIT - I meant to say if you do keep it happy to dig out some of the links I found (Assuming it’s the smaller variety of tortoise - probably good to check that out) - there are also toirtoise rehoming places - the tortoisetrust does I think.


Been reading up on this, but more info is very appreciated :slight_smile:


Base info I remember:

  1. Vivariums + bad. You need a tortoise enclosure they can’t see out of (this confuses them). Vivariums are bad for health reasons due to ventilation I think. Ignore pet shops that try and sell you one.

  2. They need a light and heat lamp at one end (I can’t remember the specifics re temperature).

  3. They need dry soil - there are specific mixes you can make \ buy for this.

  4. If small quite likely to be attacked by dogs,cats, foxes or birds - don’t leave outside unsupervised unless you an outside run.

  5. They eat weeds etc but make sure they are not ones from public areas that might have been sprayed with weedkiller etc.

  6. They need a water bowl they sit in to drink, but not to deep.

There was lots of other stuff!

Take my advice with a pinch of salt - this is from memory never having owned one!


Hi, I’m the one who found the tortoise. Just thought I’d drop in to give an update.

We think we’ve found the owners, a neighbour down the street definitely owns one but they are currently away. We’ve left the tortoise with THEIR next door neighbour to look after it until their return. It is most likely theirs, but we have no way of confirming until they arrive. However, if by some small chance it isn’t theirs then we will continue searching for its owner and failing that will be keeping it ourselves.

  • Chase


Excellent news. Nice one and well done @Chase


Hope you’ve found the owner Chase.

Zoe asked me to post the info on here & said if no one claimed it C might be able to look after it.

Hope it gets a good home if the owners are not found, though hope they are, C will be gutted not to have it but best for it to be with its real owners if poss :slight_smile: