Touch Rugby Fitness Peckham Rye Park Tues 7pm


Good Afternoon All,

Touch rugby fitness is on in Peckham Rye Park tomorrow (Tuesday) from 7pm. We meet by the Totem pole and set up a pitch near by.

Thanks very much to all the new joiners. Over the weeks we started off with 8 and now are up to 22. Great stuff!

So if you fancy coming along for a spot of fitness and touch rugby then we hope to see your there.

Any ability welcome and we go for Wings and Refreshments in the Flying Pig afterwards.

Any questions drop me a message.



Touch rugby

Hi @OlympiCubs I’ve played a lot of touch rugby over the years and might be keen to come along. Just need to know its proper touch rugby, and not touch rugby like the games that rugby teams play before a match. ie FIT rules (or at least aiming in that direction).


Hi @OlympiCubs. Thanks for sharing this. Completely opposite to the question above - I might be interested, but I’ve not actually played proper touch rugby before - is it suitable for beginners?


Hi Dave.

We welcome all levels of rugby ability from beginner up!

It’s a great way to get fit. Simple rule of when touched put the ball between your legs and roll backwards. Then when running with ball pass backwards.

All the people there are really friendly, they’ll be there to help.

Fitness wise a lot of stop start, sprints etc. So really good for endurance. People drop in an out for a breather as well.

I’ll be down from 7pm tonight. If you fancy joining us we’ll see you by or close to the totem pole in Peckham Rye Park.

If you have time join us for a beer afterwards as well.



Hi! Is this on this evening?


Hi All,

Firstly apologies for not getting back sooner. I was replying to the notification email and not directly posting to the site. Thank you admin for jumping in.

YES Touch Rugby is on tonight. 7pm meet near the Totem Pole in PECKHAM RYE PARK. We’ll be playing four about 1.5hrs and then heading to the Flying Pig to have some refreshment and some Wings (which are awesome).

We also have a club meeting tonight in the Flying Pig so for anyone that is interested in Rugby and be it playing, fitness or socially please do come along.

Best Wishes,

Kings College Hospital RFC


Just checking in to see if there is a game tomorrow at 7? play a little touch previously so good to start again.



We’ve moved our Tuesday session to:

Dulwich Sports Ground
Turney Road
Greater London
SE21 7JH

It’s more fitness based and phases in sessions of touch between the fitness.

We are running a pure touch session in Brockwell Park at 7-7:30pm at Brockwell Park this week by the Lido entrance.




when is the touch session?


Hi, is this still going on?





Im interested in joining a local touch rugby team, is this still on?



Hi Jim, I’ve not played in a while but looking to get back into the game. Can anyone join? Do you have space?



Hi Dre,

Have you manamged to join a touch rugby team? I am also looking for a group to play with



Hi Jim,

Is this touch touch group still going and if yes i would like to come down and join you guys