Town centre Skip yard


Does anybody else feel that these skips look a bit precarious stacked so high on a public footpath?

Also have a look at the massive puddles cutting off pedestrian access to the path beside the railway.

This seems to be a really bad location for a skip yard especially when skips are piled up on the footpath.


That looks like an HSE risk to me. I cant remember how many skips you can safely stack. Will make enquiries.


The whole thing is an accident waiting to happen. Never ceases to amaze me.


Couldn’t agree more :open_mouth:


Definitely one for the HSE and possibly also for planning enforcement?


That top stack is super scary!


It would take a nuclear explosion to move those skips even if they are stacked like that


Please do your stuff Hilary :slight_smile:


Or a carelessly-driven skip lorry? Dunno.

I’ve never liked how those skip lorries do that three-point-turn/reverse manoeuvre at the traffic lights. Surely this is exactly the wrong place for a skip yard.


Where is this yard?


See purple block on map:




I’ve seen a articulated lorry hit a skip and come out worse off. It’s surprisingly easy to forget just how solid and heavy these things are.

Plus the yard is a local business that has been here decades now, exactly the type of establishment we should be supporting!


There is no doubt that skips can be stacked safely, and they are heavy enough that it would take a lot to move them when stacked correctly. But I’m not sure these have been well stacked.

HSE states:

When empty skips are stored in yards or transfer stations the height of the stack should be determined by its stability. Issues such as ground conditions, accessibility for the skip loader and safe access for an operative to attach and detach chains should be taken into account.

But these aren’t in a skip yard, they are next to a public footpath.

It is such a bad location for a skip yard, especially when skips are stacked outside rather than inside.

Really? I don’t remember it being there 20 years ago. I thought the site used to be managed by Network Rail.

I’m sure there is a better location in Forest Hill for such a business, rather than the heart of the town centre.