Traffic lights not working at Bell Green

Yesterday I went down to Bell Green and the traffic lights weren’t working, but there wasn’t much traffic and I got across ok. This afternoon I went down again to find the traffic lights still not working. Coming back from Sainsbury’s I followed the cars in front of me across the junction and narrowly missed being hit by a car coming from my right. The driver started hurling abuse at me, really vile stuff. I have reported it to 101 and also the local police via Twitter but I find it amazing that there have been no temporary lights or traffic enforcement people there since the problem happened. Judging by my experience it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

You can report problems with traffic lights via the TfL website although it’s flippin’ difficult. You could also do it via FixMyStreet.

However, I was down there yesterday and if memory serves, the lights were marked as being out with signs, so someone knows. It may even been a scheduled outage for works.

In the meantime, it’s much safer to approach from the petrol station side of Sainsbury’s, even if you are on the Catford side and it means doing a lengthy detour.


Yes you’re right there was a sign yesterday. Thanks, hopefully they will be fixed soon.

Now fixed, according to TfL Traffic News on Twitter,

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They were working at some point yesterday as I drove through them - must have been intermittent