Traffic on Cranston Road

Hi all, we are planning to purchase a property on Cranston Road but we are very concern about the high level of traffic that goes down Cranston is any one able to shed any light on whether, Lewisham Council have any plans to address this. For a road that is made up residential properties l very concern whether we should walk away because while we can before we make a very big mistake and we become stuck with a property that we are unable to sell should we decide to move on in the very near future. We are hoping not to move on for a very long time. All feedback would very helpful and very much appreciated.

Thank you all.

Cranston Road is effectively the southern extension of the B218 and therefore used by a lot of through traffic. There currently isn’t any bus route and heavy lorry traffic may be banned (not sure), but it’s still far busier than other streets in the area. There are already speed humps and a 20mph speed limit in place so I’m not sure what else the council is supposed to do.

Although I’m not a historian, I suspect the reason that this road (and its extension through Houston Road) didn’t end up as B218 might be that the original tram line only went as far south as Stanstead Road.

Hi Forethugel

Thank you for your quick response and all the information regarding Cranston Road traffic it’s very much appreciated. Just out of interest and point of information is Cranston Road an ok road to live on.

Thank you again.

I live on Cranston Road, and it’s fine. There are sometimes queues at the busiest times (8.30am going towards the south circular, about 4pm coming the other way), but they’re rarely a problem and can be cut around using Loxton Road. Faster traffic does happen at quieter times but is rarely dangerous, with the bumps, bend and narrowing being pretty well designed. I’ve seen one accident on the road in the 7 years I’ve lived here. The occasional bus, coach and midweight truck, but no HGVs.

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Hi Baboonery,
Thank you so very much for taking the time to respond to my my post. It’s reassuring to hear back from someone who lives on Cranston Road, and who’s able to share their experience, on how the traffic effect them, on a daily bases. Can l say a big thank you for sharing and it certainly will help in our decision whether take the plunge.


Lived on Cranston Road for 20 years now and the traffic is not that bad at all. The only time I notice the traffic is at rush hour because it tends to block the end of the road up a little. Of course it is busier than other roads parallel to it but not so much that it bothers me - plenty of families with small kids down here too!
Houses sell pretty quickly although the whole market is now a little slower at the moment - one just went a few doors down from me.

Hi Foresthillnick,

Thank you for taking the time to tell me what’s like to live on Cranston Road, Regarding my concern, l am getting a much clearer idea now with each response, regarding the traffic situation, on that road. Each responds is very informative and very helpful indeed.

Many thanks!