Train frequency

Hi all - unbelievably, this evening I will be taking the train into London Bridge for the first time in I think 14 months?!! :exploding_head: I notice that there are only 2 direct Southern trains into LBG every hour, though - is that how it always was?! Or is something weird going on?

There used to be 4 trains an hour to London Bridge, although I expect demand fell so they likely cut this and they have yet to reinstate the services.

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Ok, thanks, yes - 4 trains sounds more like it. Ok, hopefully if/when things pick back up in terms of people commuting regularly etc they’ll reinstate the other trains.

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The London Victoria - London Bridge service via Crystal Palace that used to be twice an hour Mondays- Saturday was cut when Southern reduced their services (as did all train operators). It is being very partially reintroduced at morning and evening peak times Monday - Friday from May 17th.


And I for one shall rejoice :tada: :tada: :tada: :confetti_ball: