Train intelligence?

Does anyone know how busy the London Bridge to Honor Oak Park trains are between 5 and 6 currently? Thanks v much for any info!

I was wondering the same as there is chat of returning to the office albeit 1 day a week. Wondering how busy old peak hours currently are? Similarly in the mornings between 8-9am from FH towards LB

Pretty quiet generally- been getting the 8.09 to CW or 8.13 LB mostly. LB quieter but both ok. CW interchange is getting busier but still v quiet comparatively!

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Fortunately, we haven’t been called back to the office yet, and I rather doubt I will for at least another month and most definitely while government advice is to work from home… if you can.

But I am interested in what the interchange in London Bridge is like. Especially between Southern and Charing Cross trains. And of course the trains from LBG to CHX. Anyone have experience there?

The LB to CX trains have been very quiet, the interchange has been as normal- generally extremely few people exchanging between platforms.

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