Train Noise



Dear All,

Having contacted Network Rail earlier this week via their web-chat at:
we’ve just received the following response from their on-line support centre:

"Thank you for contacting Network Rail.
_ _
We can advise that works will be undertaken this weekend in this area. We hope this should help alleviate the problems you have experienced.
_ _
Thank you for taking the time to report this issue.
_ _
Kind Regards,
Community Relations"

We appreciate this may simply be a happy coincidence but it at least suggests there’s some awareness of the issue. We will of course continue to monitor.

Might be worthwhile others also contacting Network Rail via the web chat route if they’re concerned about train noise and vibration.



This appears to be Network Rail’s generic response. They have told me they will this month be working to fix the ‘broken’ rail located adjacent to 39 Stanstead Road (this is approximate location as I have no access to track) on the inside south bound track used by stopping trains coming into platform 2 at Forest Hill Station.


It will be interesting to see if there is any sign of work and if it makes any difference. But if anything does happen credit should go to @DevonishForester who has kept Network Rail focused on this issue!


Forest Hill Station today. Fingers crossed!


Whatever work they were doing seems to be unconnected with the broken/uneven rail that myself and at least two neighbours have been reporting for 18 months.

On several occasions Network Rail have told me it’s been dealt with or about to be dealt with … they close then the case and I’m supposed to re-report, they allocate a fresh case number, and we repeat the sequence.

Anyone affected by rail noise/vibration issues interested in forming a working group (possibly under the auspices of Forest Hill Society) to explore action, please PM me.


I would be interested in a working group to see if there is anything I can do to improve the situation.

I live on Devonshire Road and our garden is level with the tracks and have noticed a considerable increase in train noise and vibration, since the introduction of the Thames Link Service and the new timetable. The speed of some of the trains is quite alarming.

I think this will only get worse with the ever increasing frequency of trains.


My nephew drives trains on that line so I asked him about it and gave him the location above. He replied saying

There is an “insulated block joint” on both southbound lines at the same location there. They are places where two “Track Circuits” are separated, so there is a gap between the two lengths of rail, filled in with an insulating material. If that has worn down then there will be a larger gap than normal and creates that noise residents are hearing. On Google Maps, you can see the exact location by looking for two boxes joined by a long metal strip in the centre of the rails. Hopefully that information can help them when trying to give a location to NR, as they’ll be looking for an actual broken rail - not the insulated block joint. Also, the same issue is at New Cross Gate if you leave southbound on a London Overground train, you can hear the ‘clunk clunk’ they go under the bridge.

I hope this could be of some use perhaps when you contact Network Rail.


This is really helpful thanks. I have raised this with Network Rail on three separate occasions over the last 12 months and still nothing has been done. Perhaps this will help… :roll_eyes: