Train Noise


“Line speeds are determined by a number of factors” - apparently not including the effect on neighbours.

“Network Rail own and maintain the UK railway infrastructure, set the permissable speeds and govern it’s usage” - looks like Network Rail is business owner, and writes the regulations for its own industry, and is judiciary on its own regulations.

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Agreed. Sunday 19th May there is a line closure south of New Cross Gate, that’s the date that the Insulated Block Joint should be fixed. Also the maximum permissable speed will increase from 20mph to 40mph from Sydenham to Crystal Palace that day, after works are completed on the signalling at Sydenham, so those that have houses backing on to the line up to Sydenham will have something to worry about too!


As far as I’m aware the only type of trains that use the Sydenham to Crystal Palace spur are Southern 377/455 and London Overground Class 378, which are considerably quieter than the Thameslink 700s which are the cause of the problem on the mainline.

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The fast non-stopping Southern trains also produce considerable noise/vibration.


Passenger trains running through the night … are Gatwick trains on diversion through Forest Hill, or is this a new 24 hour schedule?


There are engineering works today and tomorrow between East Croydon and Victoria closing most lines so a lot of the services that normally run to Victoria are going into London Bridge instead which presumably means more trains running through the night.


The non-stopping trains are running slowly through today. It makes a huge difference to the noise/vibration levels, which are consequently much lower.

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