Travel disruption topic?


Just wondered if it is worth having a travel disruption thread on the go, permanently there, and can be added to with any significant reports of disruption which may affect the regular commuters on here, or other such travelling users.

Rather than the flaky report I made yesterday. Copy and paste tweets, or simply add your own findings to update others?



I find the date/time feature quite useful - it helps us see immediately which conversation is current and which is old. Example:

We can only set one date/time per topic, so I’d lean toward having one topic per incident. Old incident topics can be closed and/or deleted, making them easy to manage.

A single mega-topic for all disruption could quickly get confusing as we might find we get overlapping threads of conversation in a single topic if we have more than one ongoing incident.


Fair enough

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The other major consideration is that visitors enter topics at post #1 if they haven’t read the topic before.

So if we had a mega-topic for incidents, they’d be scrolling through all prior incidents before reaching the current one


Gotcha, oh well. Forget that then. Feel free to delete.


Not at all - it’s a perfectly reasonable suggestion and good to continuously rethink the forum, especially given we have new features to play with on a regular basis

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Can the order of posts be reversed i.e. last post displayed top? This might work for rolling reports of travel problems.


As far as I can see, this isn’t possible with Discourse-based forums.