Tree crashed into house on Woolstone Road

Looks like one of the Plane trees was rotten and fell into a house this morning, smashing through an upper window. It’s being quickly tidied up, and thankfully I hear no one was hurt.

I do hope the other trees are in better condition :frowning:

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I have walked past this tree several times recently and had no idea anything was wrong.

I didn’t think there was anything wrong with them either! Mind you the huge ash tree in my garden that I had removed last year looked fine but had ash die back.

I assume the plane trees are council responsibility- presumably they should now check the others. And repair the damage to the house!

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They definitely need to check the other trees.

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I wonder if there’s been any cable laying by comms companies or similar? The pavement looks a little darned.

Or maybe just that the ground is so compacted? Many of our larger street trees were planted before roads were hard surfaced.

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It looked to me as if the tree had raised and damaged some of the pavement as it fell over.
I don’t think there has been cable laying in this road recently. But you are right sometimes they cut through the tree roots.