Tree planting on Blythe Hill today

The Friends of Blythe Hill listed a tree planting happening on Blythe Hill today which I attended, shovel in hand!

I believe around 20 saplings were planted, a mixture of fruit trees, Rowan, Silver Birch and others. The ground was certainly a bit more wet that you’d hope for, but with any luck most will carry on and we can all enjoy the new trees in years to come.

I also understand the mulch we used at the base of the trees was made from the dumped Christmas Trees which was also good to see!

Well done to @Zaria and others who organised this - all in an enjoyable 3 hours or so and the sun was out for most of it!


Thank you for posing, I appreciate the thanks, and, for the note, there is some compost left, and some chipped Christmas trees for mulch, which Glendale (park management) don’t want to have to take away, so please help yourself if you need any for your garden. It needs to disappear before it makes too much of a mess. Also, spare a thought for those tiny trees when it gets hot in the summer and take up some water for them (if you live near enough). Little trees only need a litre or two in a heatwave.