Trees Missing - Outside Sylvan Post



Totally agree. Happy to lobby alongside others. Do we have a contact?


Love that flowering tree in Catford


Thank you jddoherty for trying to bring a little less reactionary feel to this thread.

I lived for 2 years immediately behind the Sylvan Post so am well acquainted with the pub and the lovely area in front of it and now live further along Dartmouth Road so walk past the area twice a day on my way to station.

As Michael said, the pavement nearest the road was very uneven and Monday’s excavation of the area exposed the tree roots were responsible for this. I guess retention of the trees could not be confirmed until the area was excavated and expectations should have been managed appropriately.

There were two vans from a tree surgeon present on Wednesday afternoon (I don’t remember the name) so hopefully there will be an answer to those who have asked for details as to why the three trees could not be retained which will hopefully be communicated in the the next update issued to residents, or could be sought in the interim by those who require it rather than jumping to conclusions,.


meanwhile Bianca Jagger remains strangely silent on the issue


The 2011 map of the Forest Hill Conservation area appears to exclude that little area in front of Sylvan Post - so little or no protection there.

Does anyone have an more up-to-date view ?

And whilst many boroughs publish TPO’s in list and map form - Lewisham appears not to - again does anyone else have a source of up-to-date data.


Here ya go mate. Looks very different.

Meanwhile, a police car of blues caught out by the road closure. Not good to see.


Depressing. It was pleasant before. Not now.


Oh well at least the people in the flats above the post will have a great view of the perpetual traffic jam that the narrowing of the road is going to cause. But hey - The pavements opposite the swimming pool and the grass verge are now wide enough to hold a tea dance on. It’s the shopholders I feel sorry for. Families with pushchairs and people with mobility scooters will use the widest pavement and won’t be able to see half the shops because of the delivery vans etc blocking the view…


Surely they could have adjusted/built around the tress rather than just cut them down and plant new ones? Maybe they don’t see the difference?


Unfortunately in our litigious society trees are a no no.


How is that then? I thought the Dartmouth street projects included a number of new plantings.


Councils don’t like big trees, people trip over roots, branches fall on people. Council gets sued. Let’s see if they replace the trees, I wonder if they will “forget” to replace them.


Well I suppose that is the concern expressed here, insofar as to whether they will be replaced. I’d be happy to join any effort to hold the contractors and ultimately Lewisham Council accountable for this.

I guess historically there have been issues with plantings particularly with trees that are unsuitable for the environment they are in. Not sure what a tree surgeon can do to safeguard pavements and people from tree roots, but I’d hope the Council would maintain trees to minimize the risk of falling branches.

I quite like the silver birches which are in vogue these days. I gather they are also well suited to their use in streetscaping. But as I said before its nice to have some variety too.

Anyways… we shouldn’t really be making this a political discussion, right? :wink:


Why don’t they use the money that was raised to paint that name sign under the bridge, and buy two mature trees? The trees will last a lot longer and look a lot better. At least they won’t be vandalised ti a matter of months.


Because it can’t be used in that way. I would suppose there is nothing to stop someone starting another ‘crowdfunder’ for this type of project. Lewisham has a tree sponsorship scheme which would be suited to this type of endeavour.


Why don’t we hold our horses until we know a) why the trees were felled and b) what the plans are to replace them?

Does anyone know who the best person to contact is? Is there a project manager we can liase with?


Where would a community forum be without speculation?


True, but I mentioned “council’s” of which there are many and have many backgrounds politically. So not political.

Anyway, I hope they are replaced as they were fantastic to sit under on a summer evening, drinking a poncy lager and watching the antics in and outside of the BiH. :grin:


London’s register of roadworks has LB Lewisham as owner of permits for several works underway here.

There are no contractor details present.

However there should be an obligatory information board displayed on site.

Any chance that @anon30031319’s pictures captured the data ?


I can’t believe how poorly considered this whole redevelopment is - slippery pavements, narrower road, trees gone, business suffering due to road closure, buses not serving the main road for months - madness.