Trees Missing - Outside Sylvan Post



Nothing I can see from searching the pic mate. Sorry. Will look next time I pass.


I couldn’t see anything when I walked past earlier today but didn’t look closely. Here’s a pano:

As you can see, @Andy wasn’t far off with his photo


As Mel Gibson said in Braveheart: “They may take our trees, they may take our pavement, but they will never take our God-awful, ugly BT phone boxes!!!”


I for one am totally gutted to hear this. The people responsible are nothing short of vandals. There is no justification for this. Once again the residents have not been consulted about this judging by all the comments. We have just been deprived of a few more trees that made the urban landscape more pleasant and livable.


With minimum of success have made several calls to LB Lewisham this morning re TPO’s and Project Managers/Contractors.

Return calls have been promised and are awaited.


Have repeated calls to LB Lewisham this afternoon.

Have been given name and e-mail address for project contact there - will write in next few minutes.

TPO people are now telling me I have to wait 48 hours for a response from unit.

PS sent email.


Thank you for your persistent, @jgdoherty. If you don’t get a response, or the one you get is unsatisfactory, I’m sure there are plenty of people here happy to send follow-up emails.


I hate to dump stuff on someone in their final few weeks, but @MajaHilton are you in a position to help find clarity on this?


Hoping there is a good reason these were removed, the pavement outside the pub was pretty messed up from the roots.

Would be great to see some new planting there, I’m sure there would be a suitable tree/s for that area.

Maybe not the ‘tree of hell’…


Hi All,
I have asked for the update from contractors and officers at the Council on the trees and as soon as I have a reply I will post it here.

As @Michael said, in the plans the area had resin bound gravel to allow trees to have rain water.


Superb as ever Maja, you will a loss to the area when you finish.

Can you also remind the planners that trees actually do have roots. It may be news to them.


Just received this explanatory note from Lewisham’s PM.

"Dear Mr Doherty,

You are correct in your report that the original intention was to retain those trees.

The trees were fell due to the large roots that were discovered by the contractor on excavation of the area which impeded the required construction depth to facilitate the installation of the new paving.

Having contacted the Councils tree section for advise, it was considered not feasible to cut out such large roots and save those trees. Hence their removal.

New trees will be replanted in the area using modern technological advancement, which prevents the spread of tree roots laterally and directs root in a vertical location to assist in preventing any future uneven surfacing creating a risk of pedestrians tripping.

The new trees will be in keeping with the scheme proposals in growth size, species and girth of foliage and installed in due course on completion of the works in that area.

I have cc’d in the contractors site supervisor, should you wish to discuss anything further on the construction.

Kind regards


Les Senior - Project Manager

Regeneration and Place"

Happy to share emails and other contact details in PM.


Thanks for enquiring and sharing the response @jgdoherty. I really hope the new trees will be mature, and not weedy little saplings. Fingers crossed.


I have suggested in my thank you note to the PM that perhaps local residents and businesses may want to engage in further consultation about tree selection.

This comment in particular is interesting


And a further comment in response to my thank you.

"Dear Mr Docherty,

You are most welcome.

I have also requested that the contractor inserts the reasoning in their news letter which gets distributed in the locality.



Les Senior - Project Manager

Regeneration and Place"


Hi @jgdoherty

You stole my thunder. I was about to post virtually the same response.

I now need some experts in trees to brief me on the replacemnets, as we want to end up with the best suited trees for the area.

Is silver birch a good tree for this location, and what minimum size do we need?



Apologies to @MajaHilton - - but I had a dear old aunt who on reflecting on small kindnesses would always comment - you will get your reward in heaven.

I never really had the courage to let her knew that as a non-believer I could only take her advice on trust !

I will leave real tree experts to respond to your request.


Monkey puzzle trees!


Nominates @starman as Expert No. 1

Although this might require careful policing for those who over imbibe and fancy their chances in a quick shivvy up the trees.


Really, that’s interesting. So a spread root tree can become a tapped root tree. Unless they are using an Arborsystem (or similar) the only other option is to go with a tree with a tap root.