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Might be a gd idea to ask brockley street trees as they’ve planted hundreds of trees in and around brockley. I wd have thought most silver birch species are too large. In grierson road we’ve had several taken out over past 5 years as they grow far too large for the average Lewisham street. Gingko biloba mt b a gd choice.


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Thank you @MajaHilton and @jgdoherty. We could potentially end up with something better than we had before - trees suitable to the location, with protection against future damage caused by the roots. :ok_hand:

Is it really down to residents to suggest which new trees we’d like? Or are we just gathering information so we can express a preference if asked?


Not my area of expertise but it certainly looks like the issue is being addressed by physical means


I think on a consultation and “if asked” basis.

But no harm that those who live in the vicinity get an opportunity to influence choice.


Lewisham Council told us that each tree they chopped down one by one in our road would be replaced with a new one. Were they b******s. Lies pure and simple. We used to live in a tree lined road about 10 years ago, not any more. There’s about three left and I doubt they’ll be there long.


Nice work on the contact @jgdoherty


Problem, it’s expensive and doesn’t take into account existing infrastructure.


Good point.

But with the extent of excavation work already undertaken and with scanning techniques that are much more significantly advanced, it is to be hoped that the identification of services routes will not present a huge problem.


The trees removed were completely unsuitable for that location due to their size. They weren’t that mature either - I think they were only about 20 years old - so something would have had to be done about them at some point.

My suggestion would be to plant flowering cherries where possible on Dartmouth Road. Preferably all of the same variety so they all flower at once for maximum impact. If fastigiate varieties were chosen there would be minimum shading. There are already some flowering cherries by the Pools.

Silver birches are obviously in fashion at the moment among highway managers, but I’m not sure that they do much for a street, however elegant in their own right.


Hi @RachaelDunlop

It is definitely for my benefit. Silver Birch has been mentioned to me, but if it is not bought yet, I may be able to suggest an alternative. Obviously my current knowledge on type of trees is somewhat nonexistent and that is where I need all your help.

It is relatively shaded place already, so trees need to be able to cope with that. Some type of Xmas tree was suggested as well.

So anyone who knows about trees in urban settings please call me or email me, I would love to chart to you.

Bus. phone: 020 8314 7899



Just a thought maybe the Hornimann could offer some advice.


@HornimanMuseum - any thoughts on trees that would be suitable for your neighbours on Dartmouth Road?


Hi there,

We’re happy to ask our Gardens team here if they have any suggestions. We’ll let you know if they have any ideas.


Useful link here:


Thank you @Londondrz


We’ve just had trees replaced in our street (where there were some many years ago but not for a few years) and I think we chose the type. We may have also paid for them collectively as I recall. The Brockley street tree people are the experts here.

Ps I love a flowering cherry!


I didn’t know they distributed a newsletter. Not had this delivered and we’re local. Is it available online I wonder?


I’m not close enough to be on the circulation list if it is delivered locally.
I wonder if say @Pauline or anyone else who is closer can add to this ?
I have been given the contact details and can write once more if nothing emerges.


I can put a list together from here & pass all suggestions on to Curtis who’s overseeing the whole project.

I’ll do it on Monday & let Curtis know tomorrow :slight_smile: