Trees Missing - Outside Sylvan Post



Thank you @Pauline.

Just proves you can’t beat real local knowledge.


No problem :slight_smile:


Looks like there is another freshly cut tree in the 'hood. A tree next to the Waldram Park Road bus stop on the South Circular (by Sunderland Road) was rather a lot shorter (2-3 feet) when I walked past it this evening.

Granted it did have a root system which was lifting several pavement stones and blocking half the pavement.


The original intention was to retain the trees outside Sylvan Post.

Having found an email address for Curtis, the site supervisor, I have now received this reply from him…
The trees were felled due to the large roots that were discovered by the contractor on excavation of the area which impeded the required construction depth to facilitate the installation of the new paving and their growth impeding utility services in that operation.
Having contacted the Councils tree section for advice, it was considered not feasible to cut out such large roots and save those trees. Hence the decision for removal.
New trees will be replanted in the area using modern technological advancement, which prevents the spread of tree roots laterally and directs root in a vertical location assisting in the prevention of future uneven surfacing, creating a risk of pedestrians tripping and utility services.
The new trees will be in keeping with the scheme proposals in growth size, species and girth of foliage and installed in due course on completion of the works in that area. I believe the silver birch has been proposed by our consultants for that locality.
I hope this assists you with the reasoning behind the unfortunate but necessary felling of the trees.
The phone boxes in this area are to be removed, we are just waiting on BT to disconnect and remove.


FYI I have now been informed that the trees have been purchased & they will be Silver Birch. Guess that’s final.

i asked the person who is overseeing Curtis from Lewisham Council about this on Friday & that’s the exact info I got.

So Silver Birch it is!

I will point out here Curtis has been brilliant throughout the whole D Rd works by keeping us up to date & doing his best to make it as painless as possible for traders & residents as he can :slight_smile: