Trees selfishly dumped at top of Bovill Road

There are now upwards of 50 Christmas trees dumped at the top of Bovill Road in front of the gate which says clearly “Emergency Access - Keep Clear”.

This happens every year.

This isn’t just lazy and unsightly fly tipping (which is 100% illegal!) - it is dangerous, full stop. Whoever introduced traffic calming measures in our area obviously decided that there needed to be a gate which is capable of opening and letting ambulances / fire brigades through should there be an emergency on Bovill Road and the surrounding streets.

How stupid / selfish are people around here?

But of course they are considerate and neighbourly enough to leave two gaps to ensure the cyclist rights of ways are protected - but what about the emergency services!?


Councils used to drive around and pick them up on a certain day. And many councils still do.

This is Lewisham Councils fault who make people take them to ridiculous places when most people in London don’t even have a car.

Not to mention their terrible hard waste service.

Their policies actively encourage fly tipping.


The council has designated a spot just 5 mins walk away from this location by Blythe Hill fields. How closer could anyone possibly want.


If people can get the trees home, they can get them to the appropriate spot for disposal.


If people can carry them home they can carry them to where they are taken away. The only reason they choose not to is laziness.


Report it on fix my street. Lewisham are pretty quick to respond.


I think it’s already been reported.

I certainly think the council could help. as Southwark appear to be able to do, as @promofaux alludes to in the recycling points thread here.

I also think people need to take some responsibility to not drop them by an emergency entrance - ironically most likely be the people who would need the service most potentially.

Poor work all round really.


Yep, the report is here with a nice picture clearly showing the problem:


This is shameful. Bad enough dumping them but on a emergency exit is unforgivable, these people should be ashamed of themselves.
Christmas trees are not a neccessity so if you are going to struggle to dispose of them properly, don’t have one.


They were being picked up just before 7 this morning. There’s so many there it seems that people think its an approved drop off

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Where is the closest Xmas tree deposit place in Forest Hill.

I live on Devonshire Road without a car and none of the places look remotely near.

Anyone else in same situation and what did you do?

I complained to our local Labour councillor Chris Barnham yesterday and he promptly replied saying he had reported it to the environment department and that it would be picked up today. Impressive work by him.


Many of the people that sell Christmas trees deliver them, so they should come to pick them up too. I imagine a lot of the sellers are pretty fly by night (judging by the illegal flyposting some of them engage in) but reputable sellers like Shannon’s, who I believe deliver, may also collect. I believe Angie has a licence from LBL to sell in Queensthorpe Square, so maybe she delivers/collects. Worth asking the sellers.

Of course the problem would be solved if Lewisham picked them up as part of routine refuse collection, like other boroughs do.

My husband dragged our tree all the way down the Kirkdale hill and then uphill to Wells Park to a collection point. But not everyone’s as able bodied. Barely a needle left on it by the end.

We tried a living tree last year but it didn’t have much in the way of roots so didn’t survive the summer.


It seems to work for those people. the Council obliges them by collecting the trees.

It’s more difficult to take trees to the official tree disposal points, than to get them home, because the trees are generally netted when purchased which makes them easier to handle. Even when netted, I can only just fit a tree in my small car.

Agreed, not having netting does make them trickier to carry, but that should not be an excuse for people blithely dumping their trees on the street. Unfortunately, once Christmas is over people want rid as quickly as possible. A woman managed to carry hers part way down Como then casually left it on the street and strolled away. Out of sight, out of mind is people’s philosophy here.

We chop ours up and put it in the brown bin.


Me too! Christmas Tree branches are easily pruned off with secateurs, it just took a bit of sawing of the trunk to reduce it to < 50cm lengths for the bin - so possibly not for everyone, but definitely an option for some.


If there’s no agreement about rules and values, then the most powerful social sanction - which is shame - ceases to apply.

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Yes. But that’s not real life is it… This is how society functions and councils should be aware of that. Many places also do home delivery of trees too.

Its also Lewisham Council who are very adverse to fining their own residents.

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With respect, many many people play the game and remove their trees legally. Why should the council have to use more of your money to cater for those that don’t care?