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So, last week someone very kindly drove into the wing mirror of my parked car on Devonshire Road, leaving me with a smashed wing mirror - both the mirror and the actual unit. Obviously because whoever did it didn’t do the courtesy of even leaving a note I’m just going to have to pay to replace it myself.

Does anyone have a trusted local garage who can source and fit a new wing mirror? I’m always wary of mechanics, even though it might be justified as I’m always concerned they’re going to want to take advantage of a mug who knows nothing about cars.

Rodney Garages, Malham Rd


Echo on Rodney’s . I’ve been going there for years. My old car had a weird highly intermittent fault with the electrics & they did look at it at length, take it for a long drive & didn’t actually charge me for any of that.


We go there for MOT and services, but they once similarly took a look at a funny problem with our car and did a whole load of checks, when it turned out to be nothing serious they gave us their advice and didn’t charge for the diagnostics. Really rate them.

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Wing mirrors can be expensive.
What car, model and year is it?
It might be worth trying to source a replacement mirror on ebay - ideally in the colour you need - and then check around for a fitter?