Trying to find a Next parcel delivered to the wrong address by Hermes



Hello neighbours. I’m trying to locate a parcel which Hermes claim to have delivered today to somewhere near my home on Ballina Street. Sadly they didn’t deliver it to my address, or leave a calling card. Not ideal really, and they can’t seem to do anything to help so I’m turning to SE23 Life.
If you find a Next bag/parcel in your garden, behind a bin, or have taken it in, please could you let me know and I’ll come to claim it? There’s a bottle of prosecco in it for you. Unless you’re in the market for some leopard-print slippers and a stash of girls’ age 5-6 tights and boots, that’ll probably be more appealing than the contents of the delivery.
Thank you! Emma


Anyone? Anyone!


Don’t get your hopes up - I haven’t found it.

Sorry to interfere, but was this supposed to be a signed-for service?

Was the parcel sent by an online shopping site or family friends?


Good point. The sole responsibility is to Next. Despite how much they may pass the blame to Hermes.


Thank you! It was (supposedly) sent by Next, delivered (ha!) by Hermes.


Had the same a few years ago. Managed to track down a Hermes “customer” services number down. Called them, useless beyond belief.

Chase Next.


Thanks. I’m on their case!