TV repair needed



My smart tv has gone dumb and no longer connects to the internet or recognises any external cables such as hdmi or ethernet. Anyone used a trustworthy repair service that doesn’t cost a fortune?


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Have you tried all the usual self-repair options? It’s worth googling the brand and model of your TV and the issue. If there is a fix out there, you’ll find it pretty quickly. Also contacting the manufacturer is worthwhile. Samsung, for example, respond to email usually within 24 hours and will often offer a variety of troubleshooting options.

A very simple fix for this problem which often works is to disconnect it from the mains, and remove all peripherals. Leave it off for at least an hour. That will properly reset any settings the TV is holding on to, including resetting HDMI port chips. Then power up without connecting any peripherals and see where you’re at.

If it’s not recognising external connections you may not be able to implement my other suggestion, which would be to check for any firmware updates and install via USB.

Apologies if you’ve tried all of this already.


Thank you. Yes, I’m afraid I am at the end of my geek-experience on this one, including the 8844 DNS option, although I have only tried the unplugging option for 10 mins as per advice on the web. I could try an hour, thanks. Samsung want me to take it to NW London, which I’d rather not do.


I know its weird but our internet failed yesterday yet lights on router all okay? Went through all the scenarios then after 30 minutes of no idea it all came back?


Sheesh. Sorry to hear that, sounds serious. :frowning:


Its a Samsung TV? I’m hoping that you didn’t install the latest firmware update?

If you did, then the only option is to take it to their repair guys as the firmware needs to be re-flashed to a working version :frowning:




Heard about this yes but no, I didn’t do that.


My only suggestion is to try getting to the service menu. Although each TV will have its own method of accessing the menu you should be able to find it on the web… This vid has some methods to access the menu…


Thanks for that. Yes, I see a lot of error messages but none the wiser on how to fix it! Seems we’re a bit short on electronics expert recommendations unfortunately.


Just to note that I used Adrian at AC Electronics on Brockley Rise and he fixed it for a decent price. I’d recommend him.


Good to know we have some excellent local knowledge - I thought you were probably on to a loser there!


Well he had to swap the whole circuit board so it was pretty desperate, but much cheaper than buying a new one. And, hey, hey, I saved the planet today…