Two minute job for local electrician

2 minute job for local electrician

We’re on Brockley rise and we’re sorting a new oven but need to check if our electrics can take 13 or 16amp. Usual electrician charging £70 as hourly fee but this should be 2 minute job. Anyone passing or nearby who could help out for less?? If we can get the oven we want then there will be a full price job fitting it!


Hi Amanda we had this dilemma and an easy check was - does your current oven plug in or have a built in swich (eg a red one labelled oven). If it is the former you can only have a 13 amp, the latter can take a 16 amp. It is about different electrical loops in your kitchen.


Like @HannahM said (though I think the usual is 32amp). Easier check - google your old oven and see what it needed and assume it is correctly wired :slight_smile:
The problem you will have will be if your house is fused 32/45amp and terminated in a plug - electrians won’t touch that with a 10foot barge pole and would have to rewire (my house seems to have been wired by an idiot) @£70/hour for many hours


Thanks all

It’s not a plug, it’s wired into the house, so think we’ll be good, but will definitely try to find our old oven to double check

I think you should be able to find an individual power line from the main fuse box for the oven. Hopefully, the fuse should tell you its capacity.

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