Unsafe paving near Fairlawn School in Forest Hill

Following some conversations on the doorsteps of residents around the Honor Oak Rd / Westwood Park area, an issue that came up a couple of times was some paving that appears to be dangerously narrow on the junction of those two roads.

You can pass but it’s not ideal. Especially difficult if someone is using a wheelchair or buggy. And not far from a school.

I started a petition to make it safe and so far have 90 signatures (link below)

I did contact the Forest Hill ward councillors and @MajaHilton was kind enough to respond. Maja, I hope you don’t mind me quoting your last email which reads:

“The issue of the pavement is historic. It is private property and if the Council needed to change things it would most likely remove the pavement on that side. That is my very crude interpretation on balancing various constraints Council face.”

I wonder if anyone has ideas on how to make this safer?

Not as dramatic as the Dartmouth Rd works I know! But thought I would post here to see what people think…


I wonder why the owners don’t volunteer to sell the little piece of land to the council for 1p – it’s not like it would affect the value of the property. Surely they can see it’s dangerous.

Perhaps I’ll raise the issue at the next meeting of the Forest Hill transport committee - which will be taking place in that (very nice) house.

Or perhaps @Liam_Gilgar can knock on the door and speak to the owners himself?