Update - trumpet found


Update: Handed in to Croydon Police Station this morning. I’d like to find and thank the person responsible so will leave this here.

My son left his treasured trumpet at a bus stop (Newlands Park on Sydenham Road, Stop H) near Sydenham Station on Monday, 23rd Jan at approximately 8.20am. When he went back for it it was gone, but apparently a white male had picked it up and asked the woman in Costcutter on Sydenham Hill (immediately behind the bus stop) to take it in. She didn’t want to take responsibility for it, so the man said he was going to take it to Croydon Police Station. We have contacted them and several other police stations, as well as called into all shops around the area to no avail.

Was this you? Can you offer any information about who this person might be and where he may have taken the instrument? The woman in Costcutter was assured that he had good intentions and was aware that it probably belonged to a child.

The trumpet is irreplaceable as it was a hand built ‘prototype’ one-of-its-kind and a gift to my son from the musician who built it. We wouldn’t be able to prove it’s value to an insurer. My son is an amazing jazz trumpeter and plays every single day. He is devastated by the loss.

The trumpet is in a khaki green soft case branded ‘protec’, with a keyring with ‘Moon’ family crest on it attached. Obvs I am kicking myself that it wasn’t adequately labelled, which it was until the tag recently broke off.

I am offering a £50 reward for its safe return.

Please PM me.

Many thanks in anticipation.



Really sorry to hear this and hope your son gets it back.

Maybe you could put a poster up at the bus stop & shops around that area - it might help.


Great news!!


This calls for a celebration.


Actually, as the boy is a jazz trumpeter, maybe this is better.

(Ironically, Dizzy Gillespie’s trumpet always looked as though it had been run over by a bus.)