Updates from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team - Winter 2018



Dear SE23 citizens…

Due to popular demand I hope to post My SNT updates on this thread…

Overnight crimes: Not robberies or burglaries reported to us last night on Perry Vale ward.

Be aware of your surroundings and make sure you lock up tonight!


:warning: Muggings in South Rd / Trilby Rd / Cibber Rd area
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Overnight (5th - 6th) reported crimes on Perry Vale Ward:

2 assaults. Our specialist schools officer is dealing with both and suspects have been or will be identified.

No burglaries or robberies reported.



Overnight update (7th - 8th Dec ‘17).

No reported burglaries or robberies on Perry Vale ward.



Hi sergeant Biddle
thank you for your updates. Can you let us know who deals with the rest of Forest Hill apart from Perry Vale as we would love updates for the rest of the area if possible.
Thank you and keep up the good work especially in this cold weather.


Hi, I am the Sgt for Forest Hill, Perry Vale & Crofton Park Wards.

This started as updates re a spike in robberies in Perry Vale.

I’ll see what I can do re the others.



Overnight (8-9 Dec) reported crimes for the tri-ward area:

Perry Vale: one reported. Theft of a red VW Minibus index C697PMX from Brampton Road. No robberies or burglaries reported.

Crofton Park: four various reported inc a burglary in Grierson Rd. No suspect details.

Forest Hill four various reports inc a burglary at the cafe in the park on Sydenham Rise. One male arrested in the act of breaking in by Lewisham officers. Enqs ongoing.


Thank you.


At 6am this morning we responded to local residents concerns about drug dealing and ASB by executing a drugs warrant in Stanstead Rd.

Seven people were arrested and are currently at Lewisham Police Station being interviewed.

Believed heroin, crack cocaine and cannabis were recovered - as well as a large quantity of cash and a stolen motor scooter.

Enquiries continue…


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Great work.


I often see some shady looking people hanging around here, but nothing specific. Well done!


Out of interest, what happens to the cash? I hope it goes into police coffers?


Alas no!


Obviously stand to be corrected - but - don’t proceeds of crime seizures go back into the public pot ?


What I meant was that it doesn’t come back to me personally! But yes you are right…


As a resident of Stanstead Rd wanted to say thanks to the Police who carried out this work yesterday. I’m afraid for a long time the car park area behind the council flats on the west side of the road (shown in image below) seems to be a congregating area for a range of activities at least some of which I suspect involve illegality. If the local community team could include that area in their regular patrols I think it would certainly provide reassurance to local residents.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


Job well done in my eyes, thank you for keeping our neighbourhood safe :+1:


Well done for making our streets safer. I also passed three police officers patrolling Dartmouth Road this evening which is also welcome.


May i also join to ask if possible

Our Windrush lane SE23-2XB is a dead end road with quite remote patch between the car park opposite the block and the houses on the other side of the ball court:

is very quiet place, hardly anyone walks through there, we had drug activity there in the past, cars coming night time, park in the remote corners, 2-3 people inside seating, somebody comes and joints them, then gets out of the car, car drives off. Residents asked for more lights and cameras, but cameras are expensive but they did improve lighting though.

I understand that there are limited resources but if a police car on patrol passes Perry Vale, can they just come to Windrush lane, make a circle and drive off. That way bad people will see that the police is on the watch out and wont come near the place.

And thank you very much to all police people for your hard work. It is really really appreciated :bouquet:


Thank you.