Urgent. Fluffy black cat has had kitten in our garden. Shifford Path / Wynell Road / Mayow Road


Has anyone got a fluffy black cat – no collar? If so, she’s had a 3 week or so old kitten which, up until about half an hour ago was hidden behind some stacked wood in our garden.
People of Shifford Path/ Wynell Road – please keep an eye out for this mother cat and her baby. She’s very shy. I put a box with a towel in out as an alternative shelter but she picked up her kitten and legged it.
Please check sheds etc. and be careful when moving things around.
If you see the tiny black kitten on its own, its mum is very shy and may not come back. If it’s alone for a while and not moving about – probably best to take it to a vet as it won’t be on solid food for a good few weeks.


I’ll keep an eye out. The cat I think you’re talking about I’ve seen in my front garden. Though she spends most of her time on Wynell she also goes to April Glen.

I own one of the other black cats without a collar in the neighbourhood, but she’s spayed and shorter haired. Will upload a picture when I have a minute to discourage confusion.

Would also happily volunteer to give the kitten a home if found and owners of Mum don’t want her.



That face says, “you’re adopting what?!”


Nykes, I’ve had a few chats with your cat, but yes, she’s not as fluffy as the fluffy cat. Update: the fluffy cat came into my garden tonight, but without her kitten.


Any further sightings @jmoney?


Sadly not but I have seen the fluffy black cat (we call her Floof La Boof) without her kitten. Hopefully with the warmer weather the little one will be OK.