Urgent! Video baby monitor needed

Help - video baby monitor needed

Our video baby monitor has gone down and we really need video rather than just sound as LO wriggles a lot and often needs repositioning to ensure a full night’s sleep. And I need it too for my sanity! Does anyone have an unused one around to rent to us/lend for wine or cake etc whilst Motorola replaces ours??


There is an app you can download called baby monitor on your phone/ iPad and we use it when away. It also alerts you to movements. It’s very good. You have to download it on both devices but think it’s £1.50 per device.

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We’ve got a spare BT Video Baby monitor that we’ve not long stopped using with our eldest.

The battery on the monitor unit holds about as much charge as an arthritic bunny, but it’s fine if you leave it in its charging cradle.

Your welcome to borrow it - but we’ll need it back in a couple of weeks though as we’re intending to take it with us when we go on holiday and save us having to detangle the cabling of the one we use for our youngest and silly o’clock in the morning.

Drop me a DM if it’s if any use to you.


Yes please! But I can’t seem to message, says your profile is private?

We actually couldn’t get it to sync between our phones!

Have just DM’d you

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How strange. Think you might need to create a joint log in unless you are within Bluetooth range. PM me if you get stuck as it’s so handy.

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