Used bike shop?

Does anyone know the nearest shop that sells reconditioned bikes? Looking for one that also makes sure they are not stolen. I don’t want to buy privately for that reason, but also because I’d still have to take it in to a bike shop for a safety check/tune-up, and shudder to think what they’d find they have to fix. Easier if that’s all covered when I buy the bike. The only shops I can find are all far far away. Thanks!

There is a bike shop on Kirkdale road. Can’t find it on Google at the moment. But essentially on the stretch between roadabout to Dartmouth Road and the Tesco express. Can’t remember the name either but shop full of second hand bikes.

I’ve seen that one. Does anyone know if they are any good? And if they make sure the bikes aren’t stolen?

The bike shop in Honor Oak - near the pizza place - has been there for many years so would hope it’s legit.

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Vaidas Cycles, Finches, Cadence Performance, Blue Door Bikes are all good options. Also Lindo 2 Wheels on Dartmouth Road/Kirkdale looks promising.

By the way, private sales can be done safely if you do your due diligence. The frame number should normally be visible underneath the bottom bracket area (basically underneath where the cranks and chainrings are). If it’s been filed off, that’s a bad sign. Otherwise, you can check it against this website:

This list I’ve got for second hand bikes could also be useful for fellow travellers:

Check seatpost can be adjusted and that the post is not seized
Check stem adjustability if quill type
Check tyres for wear and obvious slashes
Check wheels for trueness, buckling and lateral play.
Check QR skewers for tight nuts and any cracking around the forks.
Rim brakes - check wheel brake track for concave - if so, replace wheel.
Disc brakes - check rotors for true and inspect pads for wear.
Check wheels are straight within drop outs. If not, reseat wheel in drop outs. If still bent, frame could be bent.
Check for any chain wear or obvious sag.
Check for severe shark toothing on the chainrings.
Check front mech if any - crosschain rub, big/big small/small transitions.
Check rear mech - alignment, hanger true, functioning.


Thanks. Most of those don’t have second hand, but your list was very helpful and I got one on gumtree. Seat post is jammed in there, but everything else is so nice I bought it anyway. Now I have to find a way to unstick the seat post. Nightmare…

Take it to a bike shop and the probable worst case is you will be needing a new seat post, which are mostly all the same and shouldn’t cost more than £5-£10 used :slightly_smiling_face: