Utterly bereft - wearing my black arm bands - I'm in mourning for Lewisham Wimpy


Sauntered into Lewisham today looking for a ‘barg’ (hard ‘G’). After an hour of scouring the landscape for said ‘barg’ (hard ‘G’), I staggered up the road carrying my Iceland and £1 shop bargs (hard ‘G’) heading for the library. I then walked past the last Wimpy bar I know of that’s near to me. It was gone. Boarded up. Mortified.

OK…so it wasn’t as cheap as its billion dollar ‘golden arch’ rival - placed dead opposite on Lewisham High Street. It could never compete with those big boyz. Plus, I confess, who in this day and age orders a Brown Derby?. However, I loved going in there, getting a table with ‘a waiter’ (luksh) and without the ‘stampede’ atmos of it’s rival opp. I loved that they ‘remembered me’ as a reg cust - almost writing out my ‘chitty/order’ before I’d even sat down. The same old fella would then set about a-cookin’ me a burg with extra ‘ons as per request (knowing my pref without needing to ask) . I could then take my time in eating such a repast. Bloomin’ tasty as well - call me old fash. It was a spesh day out.

Today I’m heartbroken - it’s all boarded up. What’s occurring? Just a fortnight ago it was alive and kickin’. Lewisham is a-changing. The Chiesmans Art Deco building has now been raped from inside of all it’s original features and has become, yet again (boring) advertised [using every ‘wazz’ word known to man] as no longer ‘flats’ but - now as ‘apartments’. Not only that, let’s take it a step further…the website is now calling them 'loft’ apartments! So, OK. Let’s hold fire, take a deep excitable breath…are you ready for the next ‘wazz- word’ installment?
They are not just apartments… BUT ‘Manhattan’ loft apartments!!. LOFT!!! - woooahhhh! MANHATTAN!! -woooahh! Basically you’ll be living “above the shop”.

A newly completed manhattan suite apartment set on the 2nd floor in this iconic building, Tower Loft Apartments, combining the grandeur of a period building with a high quality modern style and finish.


The Manhattan Loft Corporation is a London-born development company, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Starting with Clerkenwell, for the last quarter century they’ve been the catalyst for many dilapidated former commercial areas of London breathing new life into often forgotten areas and buildings. They are a true British company, now successful in global markets and a powerful part of UK PLC.

Not helping your period of mourning but… just sayin…


Ah that’s wonderful - can anyone else shed some light into this development company? stats re: how many of their properties are sold to and for UK based families/home owners and not investors/landlords?


The issue may be moot. May not be the MLC. Can’t find this development on their website so it could be someone trading on their good reputation. For your info, a recent development in east London had flats first offered to council tenants and then went to open mark with a preference to key works and military personnel with studios starting at £170k. The company also redevelops derelict yet historic buildings for reuse in the commercial world and they are the reason we still have the beautiful St. Pancras Hotel when noone else would touch it.

A small company they may not develop for the social/affordable market, but they have done more than most to maintain the historic fabric and architecture of this city. Many would have knocked the buildings down, or the face of listed status not bothered.



I love a Wimpy from time to time, the Sydenham branch went a while ago. I never expected the Lewisham branch to go too!

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pop into a Wimpy again for a burger & coke with table service and McD’s prices.

Sad really, I do love a bit of junk food now and again with table service.

I WILL miss this, especially when I do my last minute Xmas shopping on Xmas Eve for my kids stocking fillers. I always sat down had a burger & coke & checked my list was done :frowning:


Sounds good :o)


i just recommended someone move to lewisham because they have a greggs, a percy ingle AND a wimpy, and quite frankly that’s all i need. but now you tell me the wimpy is gone!!! gentrification has gone too far. There is one in beckenham still…


Still remember splashing out for an international grill and a rum baba! :heart_eyes: