UV window film

Bit of a strange one- we had an extension done recently and have a roof light now in part of our extension. Whilst it’s lovely to look out of, brightens the room etc in this heat it makes the room punishingly hot.

Our friends on the south coast used a local company to install a UV film which kept the light coming in but heat out. However, would like to use a local firm if possible.

We’ve thought about a recessed blind but unless you go electric are clunky and gather dust.


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I think an infrared-blocking window film may work better, or a film that blocks both infrared and UV light.

An ultraviolet-blocking window film would be good to stop fabric fading, but glass windows already block UV light quite well.

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Thanks Andy. I’m not sure on the exact spec but those are good pointers. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: Do you know a company?

Any glass in a structure introduces a passive solar gain into a building, or more simply the opportunity for extra heat. Some of this can be mitigated by the type of window/glass used, and the position of the window to the sun.

Introducing a film might help, but the likely culprit is the design of the extension. Your designer should’ve addressed the potential for over heating at the beginning. Or if you were insistent yourself of the inclusion or position of the window, informed you of the potential problem. There are some mitigation tactics including a much closer look at the ventilation to ensure heat is removed quickly.

I think the film will only slightly address the issue. I’d go back to your builder with a complaint.

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Thank you. That’s helpful advice. Our architects who came highly recommend put the extensive roof light in so it’s interesting. We actually reduced it in size from the original designs!