Veg box recommendations



Hello. As spring and summer approach with its fruit and veg bounty, I’m thinking of getting a veg box again. This would be my first time though in SE23. So what are the best providers? I prefer home deliveries but if the pick up points are convenient then could consider that as well.


We used to use a really great local supplier, Capricorn Organics: Paul was our driver, but it looks like someone else is covering Forest Hill now. Can’t remember why we stopped, but it certainly wasn’t because of the way the box scheme worked.


Deliveries on Thursday too. Good delivery day for the weekend!


I have been using Riverford for a few weeks now, and I’m really happy with it. Deliveries to Forest Hill are on Thursdays. The reason I picked Riverford was because there is quite a bit of choice (16 different boxes) and also a make your own. I often add extras like bread,eggs and yogurt which makes my life even easier. This week my box had wild garlic which I’ve tried for the first time and so delicious as pesto. Their recipe channel on YouTube is great.


If you have some left, try making it with walnuts. I’ve also substituted manchego for the parmesan.


We have been using Abel & Cole for several years. Fantastic range of veggies and fruit - you can also get pretty much everything else from them if you wanted to. Reliable, veggies tend to last much longer in the fridge than supermarket bought alternatives and just seem to be much tastier, great range of various box options, and a really useful veggie focused cook book which comes as a free gift with your first order. Delivery day in SE23 is Monday. We have used them for past five years now and not a single complaint or bad product delivered in that time period.


I have used Riverford recently and am happy.


Riverford Users.

I had my second box last week. I like the boxes. But haven’t been thrilled with the quality of additional items. last week strawberries and asparagus delivered on Thursday were unusable by Saturday. Any similar experiences or is this rare?


My strawberries from last week are still going strong. So far I haven’t had any issues with the extras. I’ve even been getting dairy, beer, etc from them as well – the Greek Yogurt is delicious.


I’ve been doing local greens for 3-4 months now, collecting from The Chandos. I like that it’s all from UK farms, this does mean on a low-week the bag may not be the best, but personally, I’d rather that than paying to transport veg from across Europe. Fresh, tasty, spray-free veg! They also do fruit bags but I haven’t tried those.


I love the idea but I also need convenience which this doesn’t offer me.


Don’t make the mistake of letting Abel & Cole get hold of your details. They’ll call you twice a week until the end of time.