Veg box recommendations



Farmdrop deliveres the boxes with good insulation for meat, fish and daries so it will last well until you get home and put it in the fridge, they usually come with heat proof package and ice :slight_smile:


Oddbox is a great company - different size boxes and all produce not ‘perfect’ enough for retailers




Apologies for the tardy response, I’ve been tunnelling my way out from beneath a mountain of produce :laughing:

It’s pretty good! For the “small” bundle, I got spring onions, jumbo spring onions, beetroots, a big clutch of carrots, rainbow chard, 5 potatoes, a bag of delicious salad leaves, and a cucumber. Separately I added a punnet of some of the most delicious cherries I’ve ever eaten, two terrifyingly large globe artichokes, some rather giant fresh hen’s eggs and some fancy pasta. I am very happy. If still slightly intimidated by the artichokes.


I was also told about a vegbox service called FreshSouthEast on a Facebook forum – apparently they use less plastic packaging compared to Riverford. I am a bit concerned about the amount of plastic packaging in Riverford especially when ordering extras, but it looks like this is something they are actively looking into reducing, trying to strike a balance between plastic use and food waste.


Hey @Fran_Payne… do you have a recommendation for which veg box is best? I see they offer veg boxes from different farms.


So far I’ve only sampled Purton. The veg was good quality - I’m only getting the small bundle periodically. I might switch to a different farm to see if the content varies.

So far there has been a lot of chard…


Definitely farmdrop!

They take packaging away, plastic bags used can be used in food bins as biodegradable and all insulated if left for you for later.

Great app, great quality, great time slots, not great website, no android app


And the recipe pointers are really helpful too. Plus the staff are LOVELY. I didn’t want my last delivery girl to leave*, she was a delight!

*In a non-creepy way, obvs


Got my first Farmdrop last week. Did a small order to check but the veg was great and amazed by the variety available… even foraged stuff.

I had thought it was only a Wednesday delivery but it is every day of the week. Friends in north London now use them for their main food shop.

OH didn’t like the insistence of unpacking everything in the kitchen. I’d prefer they just pick up the packaging on the next delivery.


I admit I was surprised when the nice young man from Farmdrop strolled with me into my kitchen - my OH, fresh out the shower, was even more surprised - but I guess it gives the personal touch, which is a huge part of the brand they’re building.

Accidentally ordered the “family box” of veg this week (there are only two of us). I predict a lot of carrots.


Trying Oddbox next week, thank you for the recommendation :slight_smile: I saw that they also collaborate with the People’s Fridge and I’m trying to get one setup in Lewisham!


Hope you like them and great news about bringing Peoples Fridge to Lewisham


Strange, they always ask and now wait at the door whilst we unload & check order

We’ve also delivered packaging back on the next order