Venue for teaching Mindful Self-Compassion?


Hello :wink:
I am the principal mindfulness teacher at the Light Centre Belgravia and I recently moved to Forest Hill - I would love to offer my course ‘Mindful Self-Compassion’ to the local community. It’s helped so many people to overcome the inner-critic and to manage difficulties in life. Please let me know if you know a good venue?

A bit more about the course and experiences of past attendees:

Combining mindfulness and compassionate practice, the Mindful Self-Compassion programme was developed by researcher Kristin Neff and psychologist Christopher Germer. Their research has shown that self-compassion enhances emotional well-being, life satisfaction, optimism and social connectedness. This program has been shown to increase happiness.

Additionally, MSC has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, emotional avoidance and depression. Self-compassion is strongly associated with a reduction in feelings of shame. It has also been connected to better physical health.

The group meets every week over 8 weeks. Each session will last approximately 2.5 hours, interweaving discussion with practice exercises. There will be one half-day retreat as well.

Discussions and exercises will help you soften your attitude towards others and towards yourself, even when you have made a mistake or let somebody down. You will practice handling difficult emotions with more strength and ease. You will practice treating yourself more like a good friend, easing the habits of criticism and blame. You will discover the transformative powers of motivating yourself with authentic care for your long-term well being, rather than through the voice of the harsh inner critic. This new way of treating yourself can lift you up and can sustain those around you.

Each week, we will learn exercises to practice at home so that your knowledge and skillset grow throughout the course.

Recent course graduates said: So many things resonated me on this course that I can hardly count. Simon, London.

You are a very warm person and I felt very comfortable and safe in this space. I have learned to be more caring and compassionate towards myself and have learned to look at myself in a more accepting way, acknowledging the way my mind works and being compassionate towards that.

I felt the course was wonderfully led. You get a better understanding of how your mind works plus a lot of wisdom from Alex, and shared experience in the group… Anon, London.

I personally think there could no other who could teach so clearly and warmly. I could see myself open and ready to fly into a new journey. My fear has significantly reduced and I have been telling my friends to attend this course. - P, London.

After every session, I felt more relaxed and I looked forward to the sessions as a quiet time for me. Louisa, London.

What you have taught us in these few weeks ripples throughout our lives and I am extremely grateful - Anon, London.

Everyone should take a mindfulness/MSC course with Alex! You are a kind, caring and compassionate person - I instantly feel more relaxed and present in the classes. The course was very grounding as it makes you realise you are not the only person struggling with these issues - Esther, London.

It was very helpful to be part of a group and to realise I am not the only one! I would recommend this course to others - it’s a great course to keep you growing as a human being! - Maria, London.

It’s been a precious time to focus on myself, a time of nurturing, a chance to learn techniques for life and gain insight from others - Helen, London.


You could consider contacting Sydenham Garden re room hire. There is a suitably sized room in their resource centre building in peaceful surroundings, top of Wynell Road.


Thanks, Thor - I will contact them. Much appreciated.


Hi Alex,
The Forest Hill Quakers Meeting House have some nice studios for rent. The address is 34 Sunderland road. I have rented there to teach yoga.
I hope that helps :slight_smile:


I believe there are spaces to rent on Havelock walk.
Id be interested in attending


Brilliant - thank you :wink:


Thanks, Max! It would be lovely to have you there. I hope to run a daytime and an evening course. Do take down my email in case details don’t get updated here.


I second the recommendation to rent a room at Sydenham Garden - an ideal venue I’d say.


I don’t like the sound of this. I do not think we should try to ‘overcome… our harsh inner critic’ but should give him or her respectful attention. ‘Feelings of shame’ are often quite salutary. ‘Motivating yourself with authentic care for your long-term well being’ sounds very creepy and up-yourself to me. I doubt whether ‘happiness’ is something you can get from a course - or, indeed, whether it’s something we should be actively striving to achieve anyway.


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