Veteran homeless in Lewisham

Meanwhile, reported today in Lewisham

A reminder that when the government spends our money, it always creates winners and losers.

When it comes to the housing queue for homeless people, how would you prefer Lewisham Council allocates your money?

  • UK veterans to the front of the housing queue
  • Syrians to the front of the housing queue
  • Don’t care either way
  • Other (please comment)

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It’s like all the people protesting in London about Trump but nothing on the over 1.2 million kids on the poverty line in the UK.

I guess Trump and Syria are more on trend than poor kids and homeless veterans.

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@ChrisBeach did you take the photo of the veteran’s sign?

nope - it’s from the tweet linked above. I’ve just asked the tweeter to let us know where the photo was taken.

I even tried a reverse image search on Google to make sure it hadn’t been lifted from another source - appears original.

Well then shame on the twit who did take it and the use it for some political point making. And frankly shame on you for doing the same.

“Troy” is obviously in need of help as are thousands of other veterans in the UK. The reasons they are on the street and homeless are many and often complicated. Many have PTSD or other psychological issues which have led to breakdown of family and more often then not drug and alcohol addiction.

So rather than try to play some game why doesn’t this twit proactively do something to help “Troy” and contact one of the veteran charities in London who can offer help now. Who rely on good people to connect them to vets in crisis. For instance Help4Heroes offers an outreach service.

I see you’ve edited your post to say you’ve asked for a location. Good. But shame on you. SHAME ON YOU for using this man in this manner. Frankly I find it disgusting.

Do you feel similarly angry at the millions of photos of middle-eastern refugees used to make political points on a daily basis?

I’m interested in your response. Is it only British servicemen who you think we should ignore on social media? Or are there other categories of homeless people that we shouldn’t be allowed to mention?

Oh, and yes - this is very much a political point. Our politicians are forced to make choices due to finite supply of council housing.

I’m interested in all opinions and I will not shout down anyone for expressing their honest opinion on this site.

This is neither an issue of the left or right though your point is obviously to make one here. Leftist Lewisham loves Syrians more than vets. Well I work in right-controlled Westminster which has the highest concentration of homeless vets in the country.

Why not also lay responsibility at the MOD, or the governments (both Labour and Conservatives) that have failed Britain’s vets in their duty of care. Oh no. Here’s an opportunity to make a frivolous point.

If you really want a poll which does justice why don’t you ask members to rank in order who should receive housing first. Here let me start.

Homeless veterans.
Homeless single men
Victims of domestic violence
Victims of domestic violence with children
Refugees from Syria
EU citizens
Disabled persons with expensive housing needs.
Unemployable disabled persons
Unemployed people
Elderly single people.

Why not go all out and create a proper priority list cause you’ve already started.

By all means, create a poll of your own if you’d like to broaden the discussion.

Let’s give him a name since he gave it in his sign. There is a distinct difference between using Tony’s sign to highlight the very real plight of homeless vets (or homeless anyone) and their needs… and using Tony as some political ammunition. Particularly without even knowing Tony’s full story. Is Tonly “resident” homeless in Lewisham? What efforts have been made to house or help?

Perhaps the more valid discussion is who should bear the responsibility for Tony. By your post do you absolve his former employer the MOD? Or Veteran’s UK? Or is your vision so myopic these days?

No thanks. Cause the existing poll is vile enough and shows little respect for our fellow men and women.

His name is Troy actually. Show a little respect to our fellow men and women please.

I’ll apologise for that error and blame my lack of varifocals today. My respect for Troy is sky high, unlike your own.

Did your vote in the poll reflect that? My vote reflected my utmost respect for the brave men and women who serve our country.

Just a simple Google using the words “Lewisham and Veteran” threw up a post on the Lewisham website back in 2013, further back showed a post on how to assist with the cost of a funeral for a veteran.

A Google search for “Lewisham and Syria” threw up one or two more.

Google is not the do all and end all of searches but it does lay out what is “in the Ether” as it were.

Not sure where Chris is trying to make a left/right political point. His issue is with Lewisham Council promoting Syrian refugee resettlement whilst there are many in the UK who are unsettled or homeless, veterans or not.

Who do we give preference to, Syrian refugees or those homeless who are already in the UK?

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Frankly I doubt that is what your poll was intended to do. I won’t participate it because it is intentionally divisive. But since you offered, here is my own poll.

Homelessness is a tragic occurrence in the UK particularly in urban areas. Homelessness among British veterans is particularly high and estimated by some to account for one in ten homeless people. There are many organisations which offer services to homeless vets, but with a crisis in need of leadership, who should take the lead responsibility?

  • British Army (or other British Armed Force)
  • Ministry of Defense (including Veterans UK)
  • Department for Work & Pensions
  • The Royal British Legion (or other charitable organisations)
  • Local Authorities

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Asking employers to pay for the care of their former staff, should they become homeless for any reason in the future? That sounds like a rather dangerous precedent to set. Local authorities have the buildings, have the specialist staff, and they already have our money to spend.

Try Lewisham and homeless as a more relevant search. And let’s not be naive about Chris’ post as his lens he brings to Politicos is pretty much only in a right/left dynamic.

A better questions. So do we? And is there any evidence that these Syrian refugees have displaced homeless veterans in Lewisham?

I have to say, you sign up for Queen and Country then Queen and Country should look after you. Having said that I am a “veteran” so feel quite strongly about it. I also feel strongly about charity starting at home.

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We were discussing veterans so not sure why we should change tangent. I also want you to explain why Chris has a left wing slant on this?

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