Victorian shutters holding on by a thread!

Can anyone recommend someone who could mend my Victorian shutter hinges? All the hinges I’ve seen online don’t look like mine. Mine seem to be in 3 parts with a bolt through the middle. The right hand shutters are OK but the left set are hanging on by just one bolt out of 3 now. I fear it’s going to cost a small fortune to fix, but they’re dangerous as they weigh a tonne and if the last hinge gives way…well, I don’t even want to think about the damage they’d cause. The top photo shows the only one that’s just about holding on.

These seem to fit that description, and look pretty similar to the pics

Size is 38mm wide by 87mm when open.

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It looks like the shutters could use some TLC with all the paint that has been applied. They’d probably benefit by a strip which you could do yourself, though its a messy project but worth it in the long run.

To get the best replacement hinges, you could take the photos to Dulwich DIY on Lordship Lane or similar small independent hardware. I’ve always found them great and identifying what I need, and usually having it in stock. Often practical advice is given too.

Good luck.


On a related note, the old Doorz place is now Dulwich Reclamation on Kirkdale in Sydenham - I think one of the Doorz guys took it over and rebuilt the business - someone probably knows the back story better, but would they be able to help?

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Hi Gillipops

Did you find someone to rehang them? We have the same shutters needing the same TLC.


I’m waiting for JJ my handyman to have some time due to his backlog of work…hopefully he’ll be able to sort, but await a visit from him when he’s hopefully free in November. I’ll let you know the outcome if you can wait that long? x x

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