Virgin Media issues

Merry Christmas everyone. Is anyone else suffering due to a lack of working Virgin Media broadband? Ours went down at about 7pm last night.

Status on the My Virgin Media page was that it is a known fault and that an engineer was on the way to fix it by 02:40. Sadly, this status hasn’t changed for 12 hours.

Our broadband is working but am having terrible pixelation in lots of channels and OnDemand shows are also suffering with picture issues.

I noticed that at my parents’ house in Essex. On-demand shows from Virgin had image distortion - looked like the kind of distortion you see due to antenna issues, even though I was using online streaming. Very odd, and disappointing.

Info for what it’s worth, connection was restored at about lunchtime yesterday. The Virgin fault reporting SMS update service finally sent me an update at 07:40 today.

Anyone else having issues with virgin broadband at the moment? Don’t think it’s our equipment at fault and it’s has been down for over a day.

All working fine here in Sunderland Road SE23.

I have been having issues with my broadband the last couple of days, usually in the evening around 7:00pm, the connection keeps dropping out and I had no internet for a couple of hours. Kemble Rd SE23

That being said, I just looked at the Service Status page on their website and there seems to be an intermittent fault in the area.

back to normal now - mine came back Tues early evening - after nearly 2 days outage. Perry Rise SE23.