Visit Walthamstow's 'mini-Holland', low traffic neighbourhood

Dear all, as you may know, Lewisham’s air quality isn’t great, and congestion and road safety are concerns. Climate Action Lewisham are running a walking tour of the ‘mini-Holland’ area of Walthamstow, and all Lewisham residents are welcome. Walthamstow began the process of creating low-traffic areas some three years ago and it’s a chance to see what it’s like, ask questions (we’ll have a local guide) and see for yourself what a low-traffic neighbourhood looks like (and smells like).

We’ll leave as a group from Catford Bridge station at 12 on 4th April (Saturday), and arrive at st James’s about an hour later. From there we’ll meet a guide (Paul, a local) and the total walk will be about 4.5km in total. There are opportunities to take public transport during the walk if you’ve had enough, and we end up in a pub for Q and A with Paul. There’s a playground nearby for kids. All welcome, please sign up here:


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