Waffle Station on Kirkdale

Has anyone tried the Waffle Station on Kirkdale Road?

Last night me and t’other one ordered in after a long trip back from Cornwall. Waffle Station appeared on most local delivery apps and with a terrific looking menu gave it a try. After an extraordinarily expensive order and with high expectation we basiclly got a burger dinner with shakes you could have found at Morleys (except for the shakes). My order was wrong and we could find no number to call the restaurant.

Waffles and fried chicken is a wonderful thing but we’re very reluctant to give this new local business a second try. Anyone had some good experiences?


So its a restaurant too? How strange I could not find a telephone number to call.

Well this is what about £14 got you. Shakes at least were epic.

That burger looks tragically overcooked.

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I tried it on Deliveroo. Shake was perfectly nice and as expected. The hotdog was awful (very dry bread bread, weird chewy sausage, overdoused in sauce with 2 stringy onions).The chips were so salty they were inedible - for £14.50, that wasn’t really on. I passed this on to Deliveroo and wont be giving them another go - but maybe it is a better place in person.

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When I tried I went and picked up - we enjoyed very much but I walk fast & had it home within a couple of mins :+1:

My bill was around £13 for house Dog, burger, shake, couple of fries - think I got a discount though :heart_eyes:

Also had the mac & cheese croquettes too, they were very good :yum:

I never order deliveries as I always find them very dry or soggy through the delivery process.

I very rarely have take away (probably quarterly) so probably not the best person to comment.

Must say I think the main customers from here are - just eat, deliveroo etc as I saw many drivers waiting on pick ups when I was in.

Think this is their main stream of custom rather than folk sitting in.

I find a lot of restaurants reliant on deliveries strive very hard to ensure their products arrive at (or near) restaurant quality. There are a number of burger places that have devised containers to ensure the burger maintains its shape. Fries are delivered in a manner that they are still hot and crisp. Neither was the case here.

Anyways I took my complaint to Uber Eats who have now refunded the price of the burger and added a £5 voucher to my account for my trouble. Thank you Uber Eats.

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