Waldram Park Road - gas works

From Monday 10th August till October (!) the A205 junctions with Westbourne Drive, Montrose Way and Church Rise will all be closed. It doesn’t say - but implies that there will be contra flows in place
Coupled with Devonshire Road’s closure due to the ‘Caves’ this is going to be one big traffic jam

Looks like Sunderland Road junction with the A205 is also closed at the same time! So, basically, no off Waldram Park Road access AT ALL for 2 months or so…

Yup missed that one - and lets face it they will come up with any excuse to take it 3 months (though admittedly it is usually Thames Water that takes the piss in FH)

And i suspect both bus stops on Waldram Park Rd will be be taken out of use too which isn’t great for those bus users with mobility issues who will have longer walks to and from other bus stops.

Looking on one.network it seems that the work could be split into 3 stages as it shows the closure of Westbourne Drive and Montrose Way from 10 Aug to 1 September, traffic lights at the junction of Sunderland Rd from 21 Sep to 5 October. and for Church Rise there are multiple entries which cover the whole period 10 August to 5 October.

Thanks for the link to One Network, @ChrisR. Never heard of that site before but have signed up. Looks really useful!

Hopefully the works will be staggered a bit as suggested. I was wondering how anyone was going to access those roads for deliveries, cars etc if they were all closed at once. I fear it will still be chaos though.

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Did anyone else get one of these through the door today? Doesn’t tell me anything other than the date and duration. Doesn’t mention anything about road closures.

I’m a little too away (which means more than 10m!). It is not in their benefit to mention the closures because you might object!

But surely they should be mentioning the closures? They say it’s safety critical work so I doubt people would complain if it were true. It just looks like they are hiding something.

The Devonshire Road pavement repairs were called critical, the station moving the Perry Vale staff booth behind the ticket line was called safety critical. The word critical just means they wan to do it and don’t want it to be scrutinised.
They should be mentioning the closures - but they also should be mentioning them before they get permission

I have just walked from Sunderland Road to the CoOp on Stanstead Road… not one poster or advance notice sign of any closures!

So… I called the number in the letter to ask for further information. Apparently the permit says that Sunderland Road will not be closed off, it’ll just have temporary traffic lights and be restricted to one lane at the junction with the South Circular. I did ask why there were no signs up giving advance warning of the upcoming works. The customer service guy suggested that these would be coming in “the next couple of days”. So, we shall see…

@Bolgerp The tfl permission explicitly states " prohibit any vehicle from:… (2) entering or exiting Sunderland Road at its junction with A205"
Not sure who I would believe, probably requested more permission than they will initially need, but highly likely to be blocked at some point

There’s a warning matrix sign up by Horniman Museum warning of the pending roadworks

Where are you seeing the TfL permission? I look on the TfL Roadworks site and Sunderland Road isn’t even mentioned as having upcoming works/restrictions at all.

I put the permission right at the top of this thread - but it is on this link as well http://public.londonworks.gov.uk/roadworks/?x=fyF5JzIwtbmbFynHIqiOBQ

Interesting to note that Forest Hill Caves aren’t on that map

D’oh! Of course you did… I was confusing myself with one.network.

I might be navigating the londonworks site incorrectly though as it’s not showing anything for Sunderland Road at all from 03 Aug to 03 Nov, even though one.networks is showing the traffic lights proposal and, of course, your permission pdf states no entry or exit at all from S. Road… most confusing… guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens on Monday the 10th.

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Yes I got the same letter (I’m in Sunderland Rd). There appeared to be one addressed to each flat in our block and had been delivered by Royal Mail. I can’t say it’s particularly informative! If I hadn’t already been alerted by the original post I would have thought they were going to be digging up Sunderland Road as opposed to Waldram Park Road!

Walking down from Sainsbury’s this afternoon I noticed a large electronic warning sign by the side of the road between the two bus stops advising the roadworks on Waldram Park Road. will be commencing August 13th which is Thursday. So this is 4 days later than the commencement date on the TFL notice at the start of this thread.

Although TFL issued the notice I can’t find any mention of the work showing on the TFL website under status updates for either traffic or buses so still don’t know if the bus stops on both sides of the road will be closed or not.

Do you mean August 13th ?

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Thanks for pointing out my error - I’ve amended my original post to the correct date!