Walk down memory lane (or alley)


It has been absolute years since I have walked down the alley from the German Bridge to Forest Hill Station. In fact I would say so long in fact that it was before the buildings behind Dartmouth Road started. (I said it was a long time)

I must say I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at how nice the reworked parts look. Until of course you reach the dilapidated section towards the station, then it all gets a bit ugly.

It is also the first time I have seen the skip business up close, and that really doesn’t help! Such a shame really, as if the whole path were regenerated, it would actually be nice to use, rather than the main road.


I only found out about this recently… will have to have a look sometime…


I haven’t been down there for at least a few years, and never on my own as it never felt entirely safe. Has it changed much?


Believe me its no attraction, just a nice alternative to Dartmouth Rd if you fancy a change.

3/4 of it is now MUCH wider, and lit by the new residential buildings along there. Due to the appearance of the residential blocks, the footfall is much higher too now.
But as I say, towards the end it narrows and is badly kept and lit. However there are a number of points where you can return to Dartmouth Road now, rather than being committed.

Will take some pics next time I am down there, doubt Google will do it much justice (goes to check)


The Clyde Terrace section is the most developed now. Cant really appreciate much from this…


Whats the German Bridge?


Ah, I was thinking of the narrow tree-lined bit immediately after the bridge.


Ha yup, I forgot about that bit when I wrote the thread, but that too is being redeveloped now. Hope yet?


The best bit about walking down there is the occasional smell of freshly cooked brownies coming from the industrial estate (Bad Brownie I believe)!

I quite often walk down there on my way to Mayow Park, it’s a great shortcut.

Whats the German Bridge?

It’s the footbridge crossing over the railway line that leads to the German Church.


The German bridge is a shortcut for many kids walking to FH School.

My fav spot doing that walk is passing & entering the gate for Albion Millennium Green. I love it there, it’s a true gem in FH :heart:️