Wanted: coat for puppy

Hi Everyone,

We have a gorgeous little pup that is in need of a coat for her winter walks. She’s growing very fast so anything we get won’t last long! Does anyone have a spare coat for a small dog they’d be willing to give or let us buy from them?


I have a few :slight_smile: where are you based?

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Oh amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: we are Right by Honor oak station. Where are you?

I am on stanstead road. Near the Jenner health centre.
I’ll dig them out and we’ll arrange a meet. I don’t want anything for them.
I have 2 pugs who are now fully grown so quite a few items that don’t fit them anymore

Klair that is so kind. Thank you so much, we really appreciate this and will make sure to pay it forward when she grows out of them. Just let me know when’s good for you x

I’m at work until 4 so I’ll have a look at what I can find when I get home and message you then. I can meet you at the Jenner at 4.30ish today if you’re free? I’ll be walking the dogs at about that time anyway

That would be great. We will go for walkies then too. Not sure best to hand out telephone numbers on here but will keep checking the SE23 website for 4.30 just in case any issues. I’ll be wearing a grey beanie hat and will be with a tall guy and small pup!

Klair sorry I realise we are in meetings until 5. Any chance we can meet you 5.15 at Jenner? Thanks, Amy

Yes, 5.15 is fine.
I’ll meet you at the front of the Jenner by the shop.

Brilliant. See you then and thank you so much! Amy

2-3mins away!

No problem at all!
I’m outside the shop next to the Jenner x

Thanks so much for all of your generosity Klair. Look forward to posting some pics of Seven in her new winter coats! Love the Christmas bib too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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P.S. lovely to meet you all!

You are most welcome and I look forward to seeing the photos…she is just adorable!!

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Here she is! Some room to grow but she was so warm on her walk today. No shivers!