Wanted: DIY papering/skirting advice

We are currently stuck with this query in our spare room. We have put insulating wallpaper up on one (external) wall. We are yet to apply the lining paper so the question is:

  • lining paper first - but then skirting is attached to paper? Less stable?
  • skirting first - but the finish might not be as clean?

Any advice welcome as friends have said both ways!

Once decided we can get on with the work and painting as we are on a deadline!

One assumes you are gluing skirting? In which case a decent substrate plaster/board etc is required. Be prepared for skirting to spring out if walls are not strsight, yiu may gave to nail or screw.
Trimming the lining paper should not be difficult sharp blade and if there are any imperfections then use painters mastic which is water soluble and can be overpainted.

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