Wanted: Eggs from pet chickens in FH


Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum, although my husband and I have lived in FH for four years now. I was wondering if anyone knew of any FH residents that sold/gave away eggs from their pet chickens in FH? Without boring people too much, I don’t want to buy from a farm (welfare reasons) but would love to purchase eggs from much loved pet chickens if there are any going! Thanks


I may know someone, I’ll send them details of this thread.


I have chickens in the garden and would love to be able to provide you with eggs - except I currently get 1 egg every other day so I do feel you might run out of patience waiting for even half a dozen!.. They are also bantams so small eggs. I predict I won’t be entering into local egg distribution anytime soon
They are fun girls though


Awe they are gorgeous girls! And don’t worry, I wouldn’t want to take the few eggs from you! If they ever produce more, do let me know though :slight_smile:


Hi Georgina

We are a local charity based opposite Kilmorie Primary School and we keep 4 chickens, which produce around 1 egg per day each in the Spring and Summer. However, now the days are drawing in, we anticipate a reduction in how many eggs they lay, as their production is very much dependent on daylight.

We’d gladly sell you some eggs and would be more than happy for you to pop down and meet our chickens and learn more about our charity, but sadly can’t guarantee they’ll produce enough over the winter for you.

Please get in touch if you’re interested.

Best wishes,

Young Lewisham Project



Hi, that sounds lovely and would love to visit, when is a good time?


We’re open every (week) day between 10am and 4pm, so please feel free to pop down and see us and the chickens. There are some big white gates between 122 and 126 Kilmorie Road, with our name on, so if you come down the driveway you will find us! We look forward to meeting with you in due course.


Excellent, I work from home so will try and pop over this week!


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