Wanted: Laptop / TV


hey there, I moved in a couple of months ago, still looking for a TV doesn’t have to be a good one just something so I am not staring at the walls :rofl: also if anyone is looking to sell a laptop :computer: I would be interested too! I would also need to be verified for this site, but I have to go to a meeting? I can’t message Pauline as it doesn’t let me.
Many thanks Lee xoxo


Hi Lee. More info on verification here: How to get ✅ Verified


Hi Leegirl, Crofton Park library have laptops for sale & may also still have a tv. They are closed tomorrow, but open till 7 Thursday. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Gill, bit late with the reply I see haha. Thanks need technology as soon as. Business needs to get underway xxx
All the best Lee x


Hi Lee, does that mean you have got yourself sorted out? :sweat_smile:if not pop into the library on Monday :slight_smile:


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