Wanted - Moving Boxes

If anyone has any decent strong cardboard boxes I’d be happy to take them off your hands.
We are slowly packing up for a move in a couple of months time and we have only just started to realise how much stuff we have!

Just seen loads next to the bins down the bottom of Bird In Hand Passage


Large strong box outside ours (had a new metal kitchen bin in it)

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Note sure if too late but can be helpful for info either way - check freecycle.org and sometimes boxes are listed: e.g. https://groups.freecycle.org/group/LewishamUK/posts/79719806/Moving%20boxes


Just noticed these on EDF:


Ah Nick, so you are off to a life of growing vegetables in the sun then !

That’s the plan! I’ll post some pics when the time rolls around but we have 6 acres and orange, lemon, peach, apricot, cherry, sharron, lowquat, olives and about 50 odd vines.

Cheers muchly!


Lucky man.