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Canonbie and Netherby Roads (SE23) are having our first ever street party on the afternoon of Sat 1st June. We have a little live music arranged, but would love to find some more musicians would be on for performing. I’m afraid we don’t have any budget to pay, but perhaps it would be good practice for an upcoming gig or concert? Any genre considered! You’d also be helping us raise money for a good cause - we will be collecting for Sydenham Garden, SE23 (great therapeutic gardening & crafting programmes for people with mental health problems etc). Very many thanks to anyone who would consider this - I’d love to hear from you,


Hi Sonia,
We are an 4 pieces amateurs rock band called Shedless and would be interested to play some music at your street party.
Just one question: will you provide PA system, drum kit, guitar and bass amplifiers, mics e stands?
Thank you
Best Regards

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…and 1000 brown M&Ms - enough to fill a brandy glass?

(Takes me back!)
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Thank you! We are kind of an entry level street party, and I don’t think we can really come up with more than a mike or two and an amplifier, so regrettably I think we may not be able to have you, Shedless?

Still very open to further offers that might be on a small scale!


sorry, I can’t offer any musical services, but may I quickly ask, are your roads being closed for the street party as part of Lewisham’s Play Streets initiative?



We have council permission to close – if I’ve got it right, I don’t think it’s for the play streets initiative, but I didn’t organise it so could be wrong.

ok, many thanks and I hope you all have a great time!

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