Wanted piano


Hello, looking to by a piano. Anyone selling? Many thanks Linda


There is a good piano shop in Kirkdale with a wide range of prices.


Thank you! We are moving back to the area in July so will visit the shop then.


Hiya! I have found 2 pianos on freecycle within 2 weeks. I didn’t take them because of delivery logistics/costs and living in an upstairs apartment, but I would recommend if you join freecycle groups for Lewisham, Southwark and Bromley you will find a good one!


There is also a shop in Bromley, not on the actual high street, along by the cinema. I’ve no idea of prices now though.


Thank you!


There is a piano company in Lewisham. Morleys.


Thank you will investigate


There was one advertised for free outside a piano/music shop somewhere along the 122 route from HOP to Crystal Palace. I think it was in Sydenham as I was peering out of the window. Looked beautiful.


Hi Linda, on the Nextdoor website there is someone in Perry Hill offering a piano for free, collection only.


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